Welcome to the Beverley Garland Dancers website

    We are a ladies team based in Beverley, East Yorkshire. We dance North West Morris style with flowery garlands or fancy beribboned sticks or bobbins for both traditional dances and those written by team members. We are affiliated to the Morris Dancers' Federation.


    We dance out at events and festivals to bring a spark of joyous, jingly, floral fun for spectators and ourselves!

We meet most Thursday nights (except August) in the King's Church Hall from 7.45 to 9.45 pm.

We are always looking to expand the team with new dancers and musicians so feel free to come and see how to enjoy yourself!


    The Beverley Garland Dancers were formed in 1977 as “Middleton Garland Dancers and Longsword Team”, adopting the current name in 1986. We perform garland and stick dances from Lancashire and Cheshire along with clog dances from Lancashire and Cumberland with the occasional hankie and bobbin dance thrown in.

    We are very much a local team who perform at events around Beverley entertaining both residents and visitor alike, but have been known to travel as far as Nogent-sur-Oise in France.


    Our current kit is a royal blue underdress with lighter blue overdress edged in red to represent the traditional millworkers clothing.


Our Garland Dance Collection

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